As a life-long and active environmentalist, Roger Hughes has always sought to live and work in a way which respects our planet – and certainly long before most of us had ever heard the terms global warming and climate change. In fact, Roger’s support for environmental organisations and his personal efforts started well over 30 years ago.

So a sustainability policy for Hughes Consultancy has partly been about documenting how Roger Hughes has been operating for many years.

The policy

  • Hughes Consultancy will not work with any business which shows a disregard for the environment generally, or through any specific aspect of its operation. This broad position also includes the exploitation of people as much as it does their environment.
  • By the end of 2009, Hughes Consultancy will only work with businesses which have their own sustainability policy in place, or where they are prepared to adopt one.
  • Hughes Consultancy actively encourages its clients to adopt a meaningful sustainability policy and system, and will also help to create these.
  • For marketing communication materials clients are encouraged to:
  • Use FSC sourced paper
  • Use printing firms with a sustainability policy
  • Use printing firms that are relatively local (to minimise carbon miles)
  • Business travel is only undertaken where necessary, with train used where feasible
  • The premises of Hughes Consultancy are energy efficient.
  • Hughes Consultancy does and will continue to support environmental organisations such as the RSPB, Woodland Trust and The Wildlife Trusts.
  • Hughes Consultancy uses its influence with clients to also actively belong to, support and have commercial relationships with environmental organisations.
  • Hughes Consultancy operates a thorough recycling programme on all its consumables.
  • Roger Hughes started and ran a scheme in his previous local area which planted native trees on farmland. Roger personally planted nearly 200 oak, ash, hazle, silver birch, alder, wild cherry, field maple, hawthorn and holly trees. In addition, he secured council funding for a further 150 trees which were planted in and around the parish. Although this work was not done with the specific aim of carbon offsetting, clearly the scheme has had this additonal environmental benefit.

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