Hughes Consultancy provides consultancy and full project management in the following areas: brand strategy, brand management, brand identity, marketing strategy and planning, marketing implementation.

Clients include large PLCs with an international presence through to SMEs, and both across a very diverse range of sectors. Work is generally carried out on the basis of a one-off project, on-going support, or an interim management role.

Our fees are typically much less than those charged by large branding and marketing agencies because our overheads are so much lower (we’re based in the sticks – not the city).

There are three main ways we may be able to help your business…

On-going marketing support

Much of our current work is supporting a small number of businesses on an on-going basis. So everything from top-level marketing strategy, down to organising SEO (search engine optimisation) work, PPC (pay per click) campaigns, brochures, advertising, trade shows and web updates etc. This type of support really suits businesses which would love both a marketing director and marketing executive, but either can’t afford them on a permanent basis, or actually there just isn’t sufficient work for such full time roles.

Brand and marketing projects

The need can arise for a brand or marketing-based project to be carried out in any business, and this could be something like a review of current marketing strategy, a review of current brand positioning, a new brand identity rolled out across all channels, communication materials and packaging, or even organising a trade show. If such projects are handled internally and in the absence of very skilled and experienced resource, the results are often compromised and, therefore, don’t represent good value for money. And in larger businesses which do have the skilled resource, using that resource for a one-off project can mean disruption if the person can no longer effectively deliver the main job they’re employed to do. Therefore outsourcing the work is likely to be the best option.

Content marketing and copywriting

The right words have never been more important and not just to reflect your offer and brand, but also to suit the media they appear in – e.g. copy for websites needs to take into account factors such as SEO.  At Hughes Consultancy we write brand-focused copy for a very wide range of business sectors, and both B2B and B2C.

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