What We Do

This isn’t an exhaustive list and outline, as marketing-based work can be highly varied and individual projects often largely unique. However, the main areas we deliver on for SMEs are as follows . . .

Marketing review
Our relationship with clients often starts with a review of their marketing. This can be at a root-and-branch level and cover everything from brand positioning through to suitability of a current digital agency, or just a top-line look at current tools and tactics. Either way, it’s a highly cost-effective way to get an objectively-based position established on the effectiveness of your marketing.

Marketing strategy and planning
A central tenet of this which normally starts the process is the widely used model of ‘segmentation, targeting and positioning’ (STP), though if this is already defined then the next stage of agreeing up-to-date business objectives is the start point. From here we’ll devise a marketing strategy for each of these objectives, and from there the tools and tactics needed to deliver the strategies. The final output is usually a costed plan for the year ahead.

So if you don’t currently have a clear marketing strategy and plan or you do but it isn’t working, then contact Roger to have a discussion. And remember: there’s no such thing as a ‘digital marketing strategy’ – just marketing strategy which will inevitably need digital tools and tactics to deliver it.

This can be very much at an overall control level or much more hands-on for specific or all elements of the agreed activity from the plan. Roger’s network of specialists is considerable, and he’s able to call on experts in all digital and non-digital disciplines.

On-going support
This is something Roger has carried out for a number of clients over the years, and indeed there are two current clients where he’s supported them on a continual basis for the last 9 and 6 years respectively. Essentially and in both cases, the support is largely at marketing director level, and means that the clients have high-level input to their marketing but without the need and considerable cost to employ someone that senior.

This is a specialist area for Roger, with his experience going back to his Argos days when he headed-up a multi-million pound brand definition and transformation project for the retailer in the 1990s. Since then he’s worked on brand creation, definition and identity projects for a wide range of companies, and in industries as diverse as brewing through to heavy engineering.

Interim management
Roger has a strong track record on taking on interim positions, and both at marketing manager and director level. On the latter, Roger recently completed a two year part-time contract as marketing director for an SME in the food and drink industry.

Training courses and workshops
Roger’s experience in the creation and delivery of workshops and training courses goes back over 35 years, with his focus now on a one day session which shows SMEs what they need to do to create their own marketing plans. He also regularly runs workshops, with this in a facilitation role for clients wanting to explore areas such as long-term business strategy.

What started off as something of a side-line for Roger and born out of a frustration with him not being able to find copywriters who understood verbal identity (the tone of voice of a brand) and just wrote in a one-size-fits-all style, he now creates most of the copy for his client’s websites and other media.

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