Marketing in a digital world

At Hughes Consultancy we don’t talk about ‘digital marketing’, we talk about marketing in a digital world. Actually there’s really no such thing as digital marketing, because the term confuses the purpose of marketing with the amazing tools we now have available to make it happen. Digital also hasn’t changed the fundamentals of marketing strategy – it’s just fundamentally changed the way we deliver that strategy.
For SMEs and often where they have no dedicated and experienced marketing person or people in place, the new marketing landscape can be a fairly daunting one to navigate. But putting in place a clear marketing strategy to achieve one or more business objectives, then an appropriate range of tools and tactics (digital and non-digital) to deliver that strategy, is actually straightforward enough. And that’s one of the key things we do for SMEs.

Marketing planning which is strategy-led

A real tragedy which has come about as a result of our digital age, is that many SMEs have ended up wasting time and money on a tactics-led approach to marketing – e.g. dominated by social media. Of course different social media platforms may well play an important role in helping to deliver a marketing strategy, but in other cases they can be largely irrelevant. So rather than starting with tactics and trying to work backwards, we start with a strategy and work forwards. This approach makes commercial sense because not only is it driven by business objectives rather than digital tactics, but also means that funds can be spent wisely and with confidence to achieve maximum value for money.

Implementation comes next

Of course, planning is one thing but making it happen is quite another! Perhaps you have no in-house marketing resource, or you do have the resource but not fully skilled to cover the plethora of tools and tactics? Either way, we’ll make it happen for you – with Roger Hughes at the helm, and supported by specialists in web development, SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click), social media management, trade and consumer shows, advertising (e.g. online, radio, press, outdoor) and brochure design and production etc.

Other services

These include: branding; interim marketing manager and director cover; copywriting; workshops and training courses.

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