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Roger Hughes

Roger Hughes

Established in 2001, the business is owned and run by Roger Hughes and his wife Julie.

Our approach is about being positive, flexible and always with a can-do attitude. There’s also typically a big element of added value for clients, and not least because Roger’s approach is to share knowledge and expertise – not hide the thinking behind solutions under a cloak of secrecy (as many consultants do…).  

Associates are brought in on projects where necessary, and these include those specialising in graphic design, web builds, SEO, PPC, exhibition design & installation, and market research.

When managing projects for large businesses, Roger generally works with the design agency and other support services appointed by the client, and is always happy to do so. For example, a major project for Whitbread saw him working with Interbrand.

Key to the success of Hughes Consultancy is Roger’s passion for, and deep understanding of, all-things branding. His experience in branding is very considerable, with the roots of it coming from heading up the acclaimed brand review for Argos in the late nineties (where he was then Corporate Design Manager). The Argos project – which revolutionised the design of stores, the catalogue and advertising – was credited as having a major bearing on the financial success of the business in the following years.

Although Roger has worked with very large clients such as Argos, Whitbread and Sodexo, he is equally happy working with much smaller businesses. Indeed, from his new base in the north of Scotland, Roger is carrying out both one-off projects and on-going support for a range of small to medium size businesses, including two Highland estates, a kitchen manufacturer and retailer, a credit union and a housing association.

As a life-long environmentalist, Roger has also more recently been able to advise clients on sustainability policy and how such a policy should be communicated in a brand sense.

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