Roger Hughes is a skilled, experienced and highly accomplished presenter, and having recognised an often fundamental lack of understanding within even large businesses around branding generally (and indeed often their own brand), he is now putting his skills to good use with tailored courses and workshops.

Courses and workshops can be entirely tailored to a client’s needs, or, more typically, based on a standard module which is then adapted to the client’s needs. This principle has proved highly successful and Roger’s ‘Let’s talk brands’ workshop has received rave reviews! So here’s an outline of it…

Let’s Talk Brands!

Outline of Workshop Overview

‘Let’s talk brands!’ is a one day workshop typically aimed at businesses that need to raise levels of understanding generally on brands and branding for their management teams. This might be because the growth of the business is being held back through relatively low levels of understanding, or perhaps ahead of a new product or brand launch. Another reason might be as a component part of a wider leadership change programme.

The morning session is fairly generic in terms of content, with the afternoon session tailored to the specific needs of the client. For example, a recent version of the workshop tackled brand tone of voice issues and attendees went away with greatly enhanced writing skills which reflected their brand’s values.

Workshop Objectives

To give attendees a clear understanding of:

  • What a brand is and what branding means
  • Brand terminology – e.g. brand values, brand valuation, brand personality and visual identity etc.
  • The relationship between marketing and branding
  • Their own brand (and any specific issues behind the reason for the workshop)
  • Their influence on their own brand – regardless of individual role

To motivate attendees to:

  • Embrace brands and branding as part of their business thinking
  • Take whatever specific actions are necessary in relation to their own brand

Outline of the Day

Session 1: What brands and branding are all about

Presentation from Roger which lifts the cloak of mystery on brands and branding.


Session 2: Let’s talk YOUR favourite brand

Attendees break into groups and discuss their own favourite brands. This will have started as a pre-workshop exercise and each attendee will have been asked to think about their favourite brand/an important brand in their life. They will have brought with them something to do with the brand (perhaps a product, an advert, or a picture etc).

For large workshops, one person is then nominated by the individual group to present to all attendees. For smaller workshops, each individual presents (so no need to initially break into groups).


Session 3: Client specific session

Examples of the sort of thing this could be:

• What their brand really stands for – so some of session one put into the context of their own brand/s
• Tackling a specific issue they have – e.g. brand tone of voice
• How what’s been learnt in the morning could be beneficially applied to individuals’ roles


Session 4: Summary

This will certainly reflect the morning sessions, but also tie it in with what’s been covered from the client specific session.

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