The best marketing stunt ever

December 2013

For my last blog post of 2013, I’m going to give you a link to another site which contains a short video. All I’ll say ahead of you watching it is this: As we enter another year where brands will have to work harder than ever just to stay on the pace of advances in technology and specifically digital media, changes in consumer habits (obviously not mutually exclusive to the last point), plus being sufficiently agile to be able to seize a moment and capitalise on it, this brand is already streets ahead of most. I think this is the best marketing stunt I’ve ever seen, and because it was superbly thought through, superbly executed, used people and technology in almost equal measures to make it happen, used the power of social media to make sure you and I knew about it, and, very importantly, was probably a highly cost-effective piece of brand building that can actually be measured. So
here it is.

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